New Video: Lil Wayne – Piano Trap & Not Me

Lil Wayne Piano Trap & Not Me

Lil Wayne has now put out a twin video for his songs, “Piano Trap” and “Not Me”.

The music video sees Wayne having a fun time at the house and showing off his skating skills at the park. Both songs appeared on his latest album Funeral.

“I was happiest with the banger at the end! In Barcelona, the 180 to fake shuv! It was like 5 a.m. and those homies who was lit at the end were unknown to me! They were just out there kickin it! And they literally didn’t bother me until I landed that shit! And it took me about an hour or two,” he said about the video shoot to Rollingstone, which was directed by Ricky x Willis.

“I’ve found skateboarding to be a release from life and all this shit in general!” Wayne added, as can be clearly seen from the footage in the clip. “That’s why I can’t stop won’t stop!”

Peep the new clip below and share your thoughts.



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